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  What I want to introduce to you today is the characteristics of polyurethane insulated steel pipe. I hope it can help you!
  Introduction of polyurethane insulated steel pipe:
  1. Anti corrosion coating: protect the outer steel pipe from corrosion and extend the service life of the steel pipe.
  2. Steel pipe for external protection: protect the insulation layer from groundwater erosion, support the working pipe and bear certain external load to ensure the normal operation of the working pipe.
  3. polyurethane foam layer: ensure the temperature of the medium and ensure the surface of the outer tube is kept at room temperature.
  4. barrier and reflective layer: ensure that the organic foam material does not enter the inorganic hard and high-temperature resistant layer, and reflects some heat of the high temperature resistant layer.
  5. inorganic hard insulation layer: high temperature resistance, ensure the interface temperature between the organic insulation layer and ensure that the foam is not carbonized.
  6. Drag reduction layer: ensure the hot expansion and cold contraction movement of working steel pipe.
  7. Working steel pipe: ensure the normal flow of conveying medium.
  Polyurethane heat preservation steel pipe is characterized by high-efficiency heat preservation, waterproof, anticorrosion, heat insulation, sound insulation, flame retardant, cold resistance, anticorrosion, light capacity, high strength, simple and quick construction, no fear of plant roots, etc. it has become an indispensable material for heat insulation, water-proof and leakage stoppage, sealing and other industrial sectors such as construction, transportation, petroleum, chemical industry, power, refrigeration, etc. Polyurethane heat preservation steel pipe is used for heat preservation, cold insulation, oil transportation and steam transportation of various indoor and outdoor pipelines, central heating pipelines, central air conditioning pipelines, chemical and other industrial pipelines. Polyurethane insulated steel pipe can be directly buried in 0.6-1.2m frozen soil layer, the heat loss can be reduced by more than 40% compared with ordinary pipes, and the service life can be increased by more than 3-5 times compared with other heat insulation and anti-corrosion materials, and the service life can reach 30-50 years.
  Polyurethane insulation steel pipe has good mechanical properties and thermal insulation performance. Generally, it can withstand temperature of 120 ℃ and 180 ℃ through modification or combination with other thermal insulation materials.

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